Smoker with chicken

Chef Price Gives Away 3 Secrets To Buckeye’s Mouth-watering Smoked Meats

We all know that the Buckeye Roadhouse has the best smoked meats around. But how exactly do they do it? Buckeye Roadhouse executive chef, Robert Price, shares  the 3 main reasons why Buckeye’s smoked meats have kept mouths watering for over 2 decades.

#1: The Smoker

IMG_1236Custom built in 1992, this behemoth structure consists of a large steel box approximately 5’x5’x5′ sitting atop a brick foundation. With 2 large steel doors each weighing over 110lbs, the internal temperature is kept between 180-200 degrees. The flu is set at a specific release rate to ensure optimal smoke absorption within.


#2: Rubs and Brines

“The perfect combination of spices and seasonings compliments the smoking process itself”. A lot of love goes into the preparation faze, before a cut will enter the smoker. For example the Brisket is first marinated overnight before being smoked and eventually braised. If your thinking of trying to re-create the Buckeye Baby-Back Ribs at home, make sure you have some time on your hands. The ribs are brined for 16-18 hours before being marinated for 2 days. They are than smoked for 5-6 hours before being cooked to-order over a wood-fired grill.

#3: The Wood

“Sustainably harvested, 100% oak, imparts our meats with the perfect medium to heavy smoky flavor without being overpowering”. Oak, with a slow, hot burn also ensures the smoker remains at the correct temperature range for longer periods of time.