Owner and chef winning Editors choice award 2013

Buckeye Roadhouse Wins Best Martini and Bar Marin Magazine!

Buckeye Roadhouse wins  best martini and bar Marin Magazine !  The August issue of Marin Magazine revealed the Editor’s Choice 2013 awards and we are thrilled to have cocktails from both Buckeye Roadhouse and sister restaurant, Bungalow 44 make the list.

marinawardsOwners Peter Schumacher and Executive Chef Robert Price accepting the awards at the magazine’s celebration party

The annual issue showcases 100 of the editors’ favorite dining, attractions, arts and activities in Marin.  One of the magazine’s most popular editions, it is a treasure trove of “must do’s” for both tourists and locals alike.  Listed under “Classic Marin Tastes, “ Buckeye was honored for it’s martini and overall bar atmosphere:

The classic martini is an adult drink. No muddling, no veggies, no froufrou liqueors.  The Buckeye bar in Mill Valley is dark, cozy and wrapped in red leather, and it’s where to go when you have the need to say these words: Sapphire martini up, very cold, very dry, with a twist. – Marin Magazine, August 2013


Our sister restaurant, Bungalow 44 also made the Editor’s Choice list for it’s delicious Moscow Mule cocktail.  Mixed with Stolichnaya premium vodka, ginger beer and lime, the Moscow Mule is a classic favorite that is perfected at Bungalow 44.

MoscowMule photo credit: Marin Magazine

Thank you, Marin Magazine for the awards and recognition.  We are honored and appreciative!